Spring is here!

Spring is in the air and everything here at Cronybyrne is looking very green!

The daisies are popping up in the fields, daffodils line the roadside and the evenings are getting a whole lot longer.

The horses and the dogs are loving the nice weather and are often to be found dozing lazily in the sun.

It will not be long now until our season starts in late April…

Happy Horses

“You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours!” Sierra & Charlie

It is always interesting to watch our Tinker Horses in the field to observe how they interact with each other and where the friendships lie within the group.

Horses who get on well with each other spend a lot of time grazing side-by-side. It is also common to groom each other and when doing this they use their lips and front teeth to scratch each other.

It is a lovely experience to watch the mutual grooming especially when you realise it’s all part of the equine bonding experience.

One horse generally starts the scratching and the other horse seems almost unable to resist the urge to return the favor.

Horses often start by scratching each others withers but will move up and down each others body, not only rubbing with their strong upper lip but also using their teeth to both scratch and to gently nip.


Winter on the Farm

It is chill out time for our horses in the winter. They enjoy a well earned break with plenty of hay, lazy days and some good old Irish mud! They grow heavy winter coats that keep them nice and cosy and some hipster beards and mustaches for a stylish effect!

During the winter we move them around the farm and feed them bales of haylage we have produced ourselves. There is always great excitement when we come to move them to a new field, all it takes is the rattle of the gate handle and you have their full attention.

Once one of them moves, they all come galloping behind and you can feel the hooves thumping the ground under your feet. You cant help but smile at their playfulness and enthusiasm as they bound past to the next pasture and snort excitedly at the prospect of a new bale of haylage and some winter grass.

Mountain Biking

While we are better known for fun activities involving 4 legged friendly giants and colourful caravans, there is another great activity on our doorstep of the 2 wheeled variety which can provide hours of outdoor fun and is suitable to all levels of ability.

Whether you prefer a challenge in the hills on Mountain Bike Trails or a leisurely cycle along quiet forest paths, Wicklow has it all just a stone’s throw from our farm at Cronybyrne.

For the adventurous, there is a great selection of Mountain Bike Tracks including Ballinastoe MTB Trail and Carrick Mountain which is just 5 minutes from our base.

There is huge excitement here as Carrick has been chosen to host the second round of the Enduro World Series mountain bike race titled the Chain Reaction Cycles Emerald Enduro on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of May 2015. The world’s top riders will line out for a challenging day of racing over technical terrain through some of the most beautiful and unspoilt countryside in Wicklow.

For those who would like to try their hand at these tracks or are looking to improve their skills, Biking.ie offer lessons with highly experienced tutors and quality bike rental. Guided cycling tours are also available and have varying levels of difficulty.

If instead you would prefer to amble along and take in the view at a slightly slower pace, Wicklow has plenty to offer. You can choose from coastal routes to trails on the shores of the Blessington lakes in West Wicklow or many of the rural lanes and pathways around our farm.