• Paintballing and adventure in Wicklow

Adventure in Wicklow


Based in Roundwood just a 20 minute drive from our glamping farm, Special Ops is the perfect place for an action packed day out for family and friends where you can let off some steam with a paintball, airsoft, or bushcraft adventure.

With experienced, friendly staff and incredible combat themed game zones in a wild forest setting, Special Ops get you active, outside and working together with adrenaline-pumping games. The combat game zones include a two-storey castle, village huts, wooden bridges, military vehicles and a jungle ambush trail. Their Airsoft adventures are similar to paintball but offer a little more realism with a little less punch. They use realistic airsoft weapons that fire small plastic pellets that don’t hit quite as hard as paintballs.
For a fun day out for the kids, Splatballing is the perfect activity for players between the ages of 8 and 12 years old. It’s a version of Paintball for Kids with friendly marshals, a safe playing environment and plenty of outdoor action.

The base camp combines open air seating for good weather, and covered cabins with a roaring fire pit for duller days and great food on the Sunday Walk-On days.

Paintball in Wicklow
Bushcraft in Wicklow


Bushcraft is all about the outdoors and getting back to nature and a perfect activity for a glamping holiday in the Wicklow countryside.

While it’s more likely to chill you out than get your heart racing, it offers unique activities to draw you into the outdoors, and learn how to survive and find comfort there. Light fires or forage for wild foods, throw axes or build a shelter, Special Ops can tailor activities to suit your desired pace.

Special Op’s resident Bushcraft expert Heath will teach you all kinds of nature skills for living, working and spending time in the Great Outdoors and no doubt stories of how Vikings invented the tool you’re using, or the ancient roots of the name of the plant you’ve just found!

Archery & Clay Shooting

Hilltop Sporting Club offer archery & clay shooting in Newtownmountkennedy, a 30 minute drive from our glamping farm.

The Hilltop Archery experience is a great introduction to the world of Archery and with an indoor fully lit range, it is a great option in any weather. They offer five firing points with targets between 12 & 14 ft away and have a variety of recurve bows available for use in both left & right hand configurations with a broad range of draw weights. A Hilltop Archery instructor will be present at all times during your Archery experience to teach you the correct stance and technique to use.

Hilltop also offers three Novice clay shooting ranges (two covered, one open) which are the perfect introduction to clay shooting, with dedicated traps used to teach you the basics. A variety of shotguns and calibres are available to suit and all safety equipment is provided on site. Full instruction is given prior to shooting and a Hilltop Range Officer will be present at all times during your shooting experience.

Clay pigeon shooting in Wicklow