Autumn at Clissmann Horse Caravans 2018

falling leaves

happy horses

what’s next?

Things slow right down here in autumn after a busy season of guests from all over the world enjoying horse caravan adventures, cosy glamping stays and donkey walking tours.

For us it is a time to recharge the batteries, spend quiet time with the animals, explore the fields, step back and breathe in the fresh air and dream of new plans and adventures for next season.

The simple joys are what make this time of year so great; Walking the fields, not because you need to catch a horse or donkey for something in particular, just to be around them for a few cuddles and scratches to show your appreciation for all their hard work throughout the summer.

When you step back and take it all in you remember how much you love the place. The autumn mornings draw you outside, not like in summer with weather for shorts and t-shirts, but with crisp fresh air, strong breezes that redden your cheeks and sunshine that peeps through the trees and slowly heats up the land.

There is a stillness and beauty here that calms and relaxes you. The lane-way is carpeted in a riot of autumn colours, like a welcome mat inviting you in. Leaves in gold and copper float by and lie in pools on the ground to be crunched under your wellies.

This time of year has a nip in the air though! When the clouds creep in, the blustery gusts make you snuggle deeper in to your cosy scarf and long for a hot cup of tea.

No doubt, winter is coming soon.