Read all about our cosy and colourful Glamping Gypsy Caravans in this lovely review from Gotta Keep Movin’! Read the full article here

“In the mornings I made cups of tea using the whistling kettle and little gas stove in my caravan, and warmed my hands around the mug as I sat on the outside seats, watching the horses in the field. In the evenings I lit the caravan’s traditional gas lamps, piled my bed with the blankets provided and settled in for a night with my book. It’s the kind of accommodation so special that it becomes one of the best parts of your holiday – a far cry from generic hotel rooms.

…A stay at in one of Clissmann’s Glamping Caravans is an unforgettable travel experience – it’s one of those things I’ll look back on and consider myself lucky to have been able to do. This business has managed to turn a disappearing part of Irish history and culture into something accessible and affordable for travellers, set in one of the most naturally breathtaking areas of the country. It is a place for relaxation and solitude, the perfect getaway in Ireland.”


Wir lieben dieses preisgekrönten Artikel aus Brigitte über Wandern mit einem unserer Esel in den Wicklow Mountains! Hier den ganzen Artikel lesen.

We love this prize winning article in Brigitte Magazine about Walking with one of our donkeys in the Wicklow Mountains! Read the full article here.

We were thrilled to welcome Thomas Breathnach of The Boston Globe on a Horse Caravan Holiday with us in Wicklow in 2014! Read the full article here




We were delighted to have an article written in Algemeen Dagblad  by  Angelique van Os in  June 2012.  Read the full article here and here.

Clissmann Donkey Walking arcticle in RheinischePost

We were delighted to have an article written in the Rheinische Post on 19 May 2012.  Read the full article here.

Clissmann Horse Caravan arcticle in Kamille Mor and Barn

We were delighted to have an article written in the Kamille Mor & Barn on in August 2013.  Read the full article here.