Employee of the Month: BRAVO

Each month, we’d like to introduce you to one of our wonderful Clissmann Horse Caravans team members who play a key role in making your stay with us unforgettable!

Affectionate and a just a little cheeky, Bravo is a total cuddle monster and a firm favourite with so many guests who have enjoyed a horse caravan or glamping holiday with us.

He is one of the first horses to come to the fence to greet you and can be regularly found sticking his head through the back window of the caravans for cuddles or to see if there is any food on the table!

In fact, if given the choice Bravo would gladly camp in the caravan with you!

Bravo came to us a young stallion from Dublin and we were told we had at least 6 months before needing to worry about having him in the same field as our mares. However… Bravo was an early bloomer and we had two happy accidents with Cocoa and Eileen producing beautiful filly foals.

We did a lot of work and training with him ourselves but because of our busy tourism season we outsourced some of his training in the summer months. When he stepped out of the horse lorry on his return we barely recognised him. Gone was the young colt and in his place a well filled out, muscular horse.

And yet the personality was still the same, loving and inquisitive with a strong but gentle character.

He likes to follow you around the field, nudging you to catch him and yet is stubborn and a little lazy when it comes to lifting his feet to have them cleaned!

His thick waxy coat means he sweats heavier than the others and is almost impossible to keep white. He does love a nice cooling shower at the end of the working day and looks sparkling for a good 5 minutes before rolling in the mud again.

Very experienced, calm and stable when working, he is more like a big kid in the field, messing, play fighting and running around with his pals Ulysses and Aalto.