Did you know we build our Glamping Caravans here on the farm?

The design and layout of all of our caravans is based on the traditional horse drawn wagons lived in by the travelling community in Ireland in the past. Throughout Ireland these caravans were used as both a family home and a mode of transport, pulled by an Irish Cob horse from place to place as part of a nomadic lifestyle.

Known as barrel-top or gypsy wagons, they were works of art with intricate paint work, wooden wheels and beautiful detailed carpentry work. On the inside they were much simpler, often just with one bed and a small Queenie stove for heating with much of the cooking done outside on an open fire.

Our glamping caravans try to honour the beautiful craftsmanship and colour from the original caravans while also adding some creature comforts to create a unique and cosy home from home for a glamping getaway under the stars.

Our master carpentry team of John and Alan build the timber frame on top of a metal base which we have made especially for us. Traditionally the caravans were kept quite light so they are not too heavy for a horse to pull and so the sides and top of the glamping caravans are made of wooden ribs or lattes covered by canvas which is very light and waterproof!

We try to reuse and recycle as much as we can both with the timber and the wheels. The wheels are in fact from old Ford cars and we have a local mechanic who keeps an eye out for suitable spare parts for us.

To keep the caravans extra cosy we have carpeted the ceiling in the same way Traveller families would have in the past. The team at our local flooring shop offer great help in filtering through all the stylish and sleek greys so popular these days to find the most bright and bold, quirky carpets out there.

The best part is when we get to decorate them! We wanted to create a cheerful and playful cosy caravan that both adults and kids can enjoy and that makes you smile the minute you walk in.

It has been great fun sourcing vibrant materials in reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, pinks and purples. Hopefully all the little details can help make a great stay, like a whistling red kettle on the gas cooker, orange and green polka dot hot water bottles, blue throw blankets to wrap around your shoulders for the star gazing nights and stripey multi-coloured mugs for your morning coffee.

For us, it is worth all the effort when we show new arrivals in to their caravan. It gives us great pride to see kids’ eyes widen in amazement and grown adults let out a little squeal of excitement when they see their unique glamping accommodation for the first time.