Sustainability Policy

Wicklow’s beautiful scenery, natural environment and cultural heritage are unique and irreplaceable natural assets and as a family business in the 2nd generation, we want to ensure that we protect them for future generations to enjoy.

We have developed our sustainability policy to align with the UNWTO definition of sustainable tourism – “Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities.”

As we progress on our sustainability journey, we will review the policy on an annual basis.

1. Environmental sustainable practices

  • Energy
    • We aim to change our electricity provider to one which is sustainably sourced.
    • Low energy bulbs and sensors are used in all communal spaces as well as and solar lighting outdoors
    • If possible we only use appliances with AAA energy ratings
      We use Eco programs on appliances and wash at minimum effective temperatures
      All caravan accommodation laundry is line-dried
      Guest have the option to dry their clothes on clothes line instead of using the dryer
      We keep artificial light to a minimum
  • Waste
    • Food waste is composted
    • Paper waste is recycled or used as kindling
    • All plastic, glass and tin is recycled
    • All batteries and electric equipment are recycled at the local recycling facility in Avoca
    • Timber building materials from caravans are recycled and used for event decor or new construction
    • Garden furniture is made with reused timber
    • Manure is composted and used as fertiliser for garden planting and on the land
    • Correspondence and booking confirmation forms are all sent by email
    • We are committed to use compostable disposables and do not use any single use plastic at our events
    • We repair all our vintage leather harness onsite using traditional methods
    • Our horse shoes are used for farm games or as souvenirs for our guests
  • Water
    • Our water is sourced from a well on our farm and tested annually.
    • To reduce and minimize the use of water on our farm rainwater is collected for use in the yard and garden.
  • Cleaning
    • We use environmentally friendly washing and cleaning products
    • All our hygiene product are bought in bulk and containers are refilled
  • Transport
    • During their holiday with us, guests walk with a donkey or travel by horse and caravan.
    • We offer glamping accommodation with all sleeping and cooking facilities included to make travelling by public transport easier and more convenient
    • For sightseeing we encourage visits to local areas to minimise travel distance
    • We arrange a pick-up and drop-off taxi service to and from the local bus or train station for guests travelling by public transport
    • Car sharing amongst guests when taking local tours is encouraged
  • Green Purchasing Policy
    • We consider the environment when making purchasing decisions and we try to use local suppliers
    • We buy in bulk where possible and practical in order to reduce packaging
    • We purchase Fairtarde Café supplies
    • We source our coffee from a local Wicklow coffee roaster
    • We only buy compostable packaging and cups for our events
    • We use low energy bulbs throughout the communal areas
    • All marketing is done on-line and we have a booking engine on our website.

2. Natural Area Focus

  • We feel a strong responsibility to minimise our impact and the impact of our guests on this beautiful place.
  • We keep the farm and glamping areas as natural as possible to preserve natural habitats
  • We have no hard standings for caravans and they are spaced well apart
  • We encourage guests to get back to basics, slow down and enjoy the natural environment while following the principles of Leave no Trace
  • With Clara Vale Nature Reserve on our border, we work hard to preserve the important flora and fauna of the site

3. Interpretation and Education

  • Guests are encouraged to explore the farm on a the self-guided nature walk
  • We have partnered with a local guide to offer educational family nature walks in Clara Vale Nature Reserve.
  • All staff members are provided with Leave No Trace booklets
  • Detailed information about our sustainability practices is available on our web site.
  • We offer small group tours of max 8 people to minimize disturbance to wildlife

4. Contributing to Conservation

  • The farm supports the All Ireland Pollinator Plan.
  • Bird feeders and nesting boxes have been placed around the farm
  • 100+ Native trees are planted each year
  • Bug hotels have been placed around the farm
  • We subscribe annually to the Irish Wildlife Trust and Birdwatch Ireland.

5. Benefiting local communities

  • We love where we live and we have been an integral part of our community for more than 50 years. We take an active role and interest in the people and the natural environment where we live and strive to support both in our activities on the farm.
  • We employ local staff, many for over 30 years and they are an extension of our family within the family business.
  • We hold events throughout the year that are open to the community, such as our Pumpkin Patch at Halloween, our Santa Winter Wonderland and our Easter Egg Festival.
  • We are active board members of Wicklow Tourism and we partner with many local tourism businesses within the community for our tour offerings.
  • We support local employment and Wicklow businesses, such as recommending local restaurants, pubs and shops.

6. Visitor satisfaction

  • We strive to make our farm a warm, welcoming and relaxing place to stay and customer service has always been at the heart of our tourism offering.
  • We welcome guest feedback, both positive and negative, as it helps us to improve and we are registered on Tripadvisor, Facebook and Google so guests can review us publicly.
  • We are committed to ensuring all our guests have an authentic experience and get a sense of the unique culture, natural history and beauty of County Wicklow.

7. Responsible marketing

  • We feel it is important to communicate our sustainability journey in an honest way.
  • Our website has a Sustainable Travel section and clearly displays our Sustainability Policy
  • Nearly all our marketing and promotions are internet based through our website, social media and online travel and glamping guides
  • All pictures published on our website are taken by us or guests who have stayed with us
  • All our marketing materials are accurate and informative, giving customers a realistic idea of what to expect.

8. Cultural respect and awareness

  • We love to share our knowledge about Wicklow, its past and its people to our guests. All guests are encouraged to interact with locals in the nearby pubs and during their experiences in the Wicklow countryside and we actively promote local activities and attractions.